“Dr. Masterson brilliantly resurrects a lost work by Philippa Schuyler and gives new life to an important biracial composer and pianist who has largely disappeared from history. She has meticulously gathered, collated, and transcribed the manuscript pages—long buried in archival boxes—to re-create Schuyler’s original version of Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Her performance is eloquent and nuanced, and the lucid liner notes enhance our understanding of this complex, mosaic-like piece. It is a tour de force.” — Kathryn Talalay, author of Composition in Black and White: The Tragic Saga of Harlem’s Biracial Prodigy

In November, this project was featured in the Women Composers Festival of Hartford’s HerStory video series! You can listen to me discuss Philippa Schuyler’s “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” in this short video.

Local coverage of the project: The State Newspaper.