Newberry College (Fall 2014 – present):

Piano Lessons for Majors and Non-Majors

Class Piano I, II, III, and IV

Theory of Music I, II, III, and IV

Ear Training I, II, III, and IV

Form and Analysis

Composition and Analysis


20th-Century Theory

20th-Century Music

Keyboard Literature

Keyboard Pedagogy

Piano Ensemble

Coordinator of Secondary Piano and Accompanists

Coordinator of Music Theory Curriculum

Director of Department Social Media

Director of W. Darr Wise Piano Competition

Department of Music Technology Liaison

Fitchburg State University (2013-14 School Year):

Art in Music

Class Piano (all levels)

Private Piano Instruction

Foundation Music Lessons Coordinator

Eastern Connecticut State University (Fall 2011 – Spring 2014):

Class Piano I

Applied Piano

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